Tuesday, November 12, 2013


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Thursday, September 5, 2013


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Friday, October 26, 2012


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After many extended bummers, we are pleased to present the new Dangerous Age Fall 2012 batch.

Steve Moore
"Primitive Neural Pathways"
DA 002
Release Date: 10/26/12

Steve Moore is a New York based musician active in projects such as Zombi and Titan as well as creating under various aliases of his own. After a whirlwind of outstanding releases the last few years, Moore has managed to carve out a following of dedicated loyalists who come back time and time again for his special brand of synthesizer composition. 

"Primitive Neural Pathways" was originally released 2010 on the Static Caravan label based out of the U.K. A cd edition followed as well as a tape edition on the VCO label, which quickly disappeared in March. This instant classic has been hard to obtain on vinyl for a while now and Dangerous Age is pleased to present a deluxe American repressing, hot off the heels of Moore's new "Zero Point Field" E.P. on the L.I.E.S. imprint.

Falling somewhere between the best composed pieces of Jean Michel Jarre and the glowing electro sounds of early Walter Christian Rothe's more synthesizer driven pieces, "Primitive Neural Pathways" vintage inspiration combined with forward thinking this album has proven itself to be an essential modern work. No bin in any good record store should be without this classic work and D.A. is glad to have it back on the streets again. 

DA 002 is housed in a UV high gloss jacket in a limited edition of 500 copies.

DA-CS - 001
Release Date: 10/26/12

Potpourri is the solo work of Dan Petrarca. This is his debut work after many years of playing privately in his basement. Influenced by everything 90's Warp Records, Petrarca crafts a unique blend of private style jamming from a fluid and interesting angle that at times comes off like mid/late period (in a good way) Heldon demos.

DA - CS 001 arrives with imprinted white shells, pro-printed j-cards and professionally duplicated cassettes in a limited edition of 50 copies. 

DA-CS - 002
Imaginary Softwoods
Release Date: 10/26/12

"Indigo" is a collection of old tape demos harking back as far as 2009, collaged into two side long pieces. Outtake material from "Eight" to "The Path of Spectrolite" included. Never before seen glimpses into the Forest of Light, brought to you via the Suncoast Digest. 

DA - CS 002 arrives with imprinted white shells, pro-printed j-cards and professionally duplicated cassettes in a limited edition of 50 copies. 

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L to R: Neon Pink Translucent (LTD. to 100 mail-order edition), Color Freak-Out (sold out private edition of 30), and Black (edition of 400)
Killer Nik Pascal Raicevic original painting ("Cosmos" 1976 - not for sale!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Black Past "Pitch Black" LP is now shipping.
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Black Past
"Pitch Black" LP (edition of 300)
DA 001
Release Date: 7/24/12

Black Past is the musical solo vision of Cleveland based musician Gregory Boyd and "Pitch Black" is his debut statement and Dangerous Age 001.
Alternatively titled "A Soundtrack for a Deranged Motorcyclist", "Pitch Black" is a bleak narrative pulling no punches. Utilizing an array of drums, percussion, synthesizers, guitars, and other various sound making devices, Boyd creates a damaged repertoire of haunted motorik songs and ghosted void stasis. There is an intensity and mystery buried in these tracks that keep you hooked throughout and coming back for more as you peel back each hidden layer to find new messages and meanings not obvious upon your first encounter. 

"Blown Out Mind" kicks the record off with it's repetitive drum clatter on the fringes of disaster and in-the-red synth leads. The track snow balls and collapses into "Brain Trouble", a blitzing and disarming hypnotic grey cloud. "EG&S" (Mood Ring) will launch you into the heart of the "Pitch Black" concept while "A Dark Ride Into the Sun" rounds out the record with heavy analog riffing and dusty light waves. Bizzare fidelities resonate throughout which perplex with old school, truly D.I.Y., private basement session sound.  

DA 001 is housed in a thick reverse matte finish jacket on 150 gram vinyl in a limited edition of 300 copies.

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Next up: Steve Moore "Primtive Neural Pathways" LP (U.S. vinyl edition), Imaginary Softwoods cs, and Potpourri cs. 

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L to R: Clear wax (ltd, mail order only), Color Blow Out (sold out private edition of 35), Black wax (edition of 200)

Monday, May 21, 2012

5/21/12 - Dangerous Age Launch

Hello and welcome to the Dangerous Age.

In the coming weeks we will post an itinerary of releases for summer and fall. 

Thanks and stay tuned!